avondale/active is an activewear and committed lifestyle brand dedicated to not only functional comfort and the science to “Everyday Active”, but providing a fundamental confidence with leading fashion design and great products.

Whether its a yoga class, a run in the park, or a quick visit to the grocery store; your confidence and comfort is our number one concern. We want every customer to be satisfied with the function, design, and commitment to enjoying great comfort and confidence with every purchase.

avondale/activewear helps you move with great confidence wherever and whenever you engage “ACTIVE”. We design for all types of people, but focus on the active women who wants to look good and feel good.

We have offices in Greenville SC, and New York City.. Every product that comes off our production line is treated with the same mission and purpose. To provide an affordable, functionable, and fashion forward active wear that people can feel confident about. Born in the South, we like to pride ourselves in providing Southern Hospitality. Look us up, and we will see you soon!!

Check out our Summer 2016 Promotional Video:

Lets get it started....

Reg Greiner - CEO